Learn How To Make Money Flipping Houses From #1 Leading Real Estate Investor Romeo Sykes. Romeo Sykes has been buying and selling properties since 2001, specializing in an investment strategy known as Pre-Foreclosure Real Estate. Romeo Sykes has paid over $1 Million on his Real Estate Education from the likes of;

  • Jay Conner  Private Lending Self Directed IRA’s
  • Donald Trump Billionaire Mindset
  • Robert Kiyosaki : Real Estate
  • Robert Allen : Creative Real Estate
  • Ron LeGrand: Real Estate Investing
  • Jeff Kaller: Short Sales
  • Robyn Thompson : Rehabbing
  • Louis Brown : Land Trusts
  • Jeff Adams: Foreclosures
  • Alan Cowgill: Raising Private Money
  • Scott Scheel: Commercial Real Estate
  • David Lindahl: Apt Buildings Sponsoring
  • Brian Meara  Short Sales
  • Cameron Dunlap  Seller Financing
  • Dan Kennedy  Copywriting
  • Montelongo: $25,000 Bus Tour Fix and Flip
  • Lee Arnold: Raising Private Money Bank
  • Zack Childress: Fix and Flip
  • Josh Cantwell: Fix and Flip
  • John Cochrahn: Sell 200+ Houses
  • Ryan Deiss: Number One Book System
  • Perry Belcher: Number One Book System
  • Russ Whitney: Real Estate
  • Tyler Hicks: $500M REIT
  • Sal Buscemi  How To Start A Private Equity Fund
  • Scott Carson  Note Buying
  • Tai Lopez  67 Steps Program
  • Peter Drew  SEO Mastery

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In the comprehensive system Romeo provides video training on;

  1. How To Find Foreclosure Auctions
  2. How To Open Your Bidder Account
  3. How To Set Up The Name On Title
  4. How To Fund Your Bidder Account
  5. How To Monitor Your Credit Profile For New Funding Opportunities
  6. How To Build a Credit Profile Which Can Get Funded More Than $100,000
  7. How To Get Funded And Use The Bank’s Money To Buy Properties
  8. How To Find Properties
  9. How To Quickly Filter Through Properties To Find The Ones With The Most Profit
  10. How To Find Other Liens And Mortgages Faster And Cheaper Than Ever Before
  11. How To Win The Bid
  12. How To Acquire Title
  13. How To Schedule Hearings In Record Time
  14. How To Properly Acquire Possession
  15. How To Fix The Property For Maximum Profit
  16. How To Flip The Deal Fast For The Most Money
  17. How To Rinse And Repeat And Do It All Over Again

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